From food bank credit

For more than 40 years, consumers have trusted the Vesin bank credit. Founded in Essen in 1969, the bank can look back on a successful corporate past as a flexible financial services provider. More on investments and loans of the banking house of Essen reveals the contribution.

From food bank credit – the bank as a partner

From food bank credit - the bank as a partner

The Vesin bank loan is not a mass product of a major multinational bank. The bank is affiliated to the bankate Group. Despite the international parent company, the von Vesin bank has remained the bank of trust of its customers. Credit requests of various kinds are brought to the consumer bank. Often, even in difficult situations can be helped.

Existing customers stay with the Vesin bank for a long time. They trust in the comprehensive service and the partnership. Even in the circle of friends, the von Vesin bank credit is praised. In a personal conversation, the clerks often hear the name of an existing customer who has recommended his consumer bank of trust.

Offers for investors

Offers for investors

The von Vesin bank is a financial service provider in the classical sense. Very different financial products are offered. In the field of saving, it is the MineLus, which immediately catches the eye with its special attractiveness. For the investor, the MineLus combines investment opportunities with an interest rate of up to 0.55 percent per year. Thus, the MineLus account is in the interest of a savings account. The big difference becomes noticeable when suddenly money is needed. From the ordinary savings account, the customer can withdraw a maximum of 2,000 USD a month. An account termination can take up to three months.

It is completely different with the MineLus account. The balance on the account can be fully utilized from one day to the next. No matter how high the facility is, there are no notice periods or waiting periods to be observed. It is the customer’s money, he decides what he wants to do with his money at what time. At Vesin bank, this understandable customer request is respected and, nevertheless, a market-oriented interest rate is offered.

Debt rescheduling by the Vesin bank

Debt rescheduling by the Vesin bank

The von Vesin bank credit can of course be a normal installment loan. Practically every bank offers this service. But when problems arise or an additional need for credit, the customer quickly learns from another side of his bank. A credit increase – with an ongoing installment loan or even a rescheduling of different credit from different providers? Anyone who expresses these wishes at the counter is often stunned.

Assuming a good credit rating, it may be possible to raise the dispensing costs a little, but many commercial banks do not give their private customers much leeway. The von Vesin bank credit is much more flexible. The customer can, of course, top up the current loan or carry out a comprehensive debt restructuring measure. Vesin bank is not turning to the interest rate screw because of the increased borrowing requirements.